Mobile Website Reviews: Social Security Mobile

Reviewed by Jenna Morse:

Social Security Administration (SSA) is the Federal agency that provides services that meet "the changing needs of the public." SSA provides information for members in the diverse populations of social classes, gender, veterans, disabilities, ethnicities, and nationalities. On both mobile and desktop websites, citizens can view nine categories of information located on their respective pages. Each page contains information regarding social security numbers and cards, benefits (learning, applying, and managing), information for diverse populations and third parties, the various businesses and government, general information, as well as their research, policy and planning. In my opinion, the website/tool/app does not appear to have any flaws in that it seems well organized and information is easily accessible. I did notice the website only provides content in English and Spanish. To service those who speak other languages, they offer free translation services for 15 additional languages by phone. The site provides contact instructions in these languages to assist those who entered the "melting pot" and now require assistance from the Social Security Administration.

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