E-Government Tool Reviews: OpenBaltimore

OpenBaltimore is an online e-government initiative of the City of Baltimore, Maryland. It contemplates a wide variety of users and potential users, both residents and non-residents, both those interested in Baltimore specifically and people interested in urban planning and development, or e-government generally. It has an ambitious agenda – to serve as an example of how to post government data online in a customizable fashion.

Mobile App Reviews: The NASA App

NASA’s mobile app allows the public to gain an inside glimpse into the workings of NASA. The app offers a variety of opportunities for people to learn and participate in the country’s space program. Among the many features of the mobile app, users can access information about all NASA missions.

E-Government Tool Reviews: My Ohio Vote

The office of the Ohio Secretary of State provides several interactive tools on its website that are designed to assist Ohio residents in all aspects of the voting process.

E-Government Tool Reviews: Cultural Pass (Jefferson County, Colorado)

“Cultural Pass” manages a set of passes to area museums purchased by the Jefferson County Library Foundation. It is designed to facilitate the maximum use of these passes by library patrons and preclude their abuse with several internal limits. Its intended audience is library patrons interested in visiting area cultural facilities sans entrance fee.

E-Government Tool Reviews: SSA's Retirement Estimator Calculator

The purpose of the Social Security Administration's Retirement Estimator Calculator is straightforward enough -- it is designed to provide the user with an estimate of their anticipated social security benefits based on their income, paid social security (which is relative to their income), and the age the user plans on retiring.

Mobile App Reviews: Ask dwellr Where to Relocate!

Dwellr is a free mobile app created by the United States Census Bureau as a way to make their statistics more accessible and user-friendly to the general public. This app allows users on-the-go to explore current demographic, socio-economic, and housing statistics based on the American Community Survey in a clean, easy to navigate platform.

Mobile App Reviews: Smart Traveler App

The Smart Traveler app was created by the United States Department of State. It is “the official State Department app for U.S. travelers” and aims to provide “easy access to frequently updated official country information, travel alerts, travel warnings, maps, U.S. embassy locations, and more.” The app contains profiles on 213 countries and areas, allows citizens to register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), and provides travel warnings and travel alerts.

Mobile App Reviews: Child ID App

The FBI’s Child ID app stores electronic photographs of your children as well as physical descriptive information regarding your child should they ever go missing. With this app, you can e-mail the descriptive information and photographs of the missing child to the authorities and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Mobile App Reviews: Health eCards Mobile Application

The Health eCards Mobile Application, created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), enables users to e-mail virtual cards containing health information along with a portal to the CDC web site. By providing basic information and encouraging deeper exploration of an e-government site, the app attempts a worthy and complex service: to enable an information search for a specific health issue.

Mobile App Reviews: 52 Weeks for Women’s Health Application

The purpose of this application is to help women be better informed about health related issues that affect them and their families. Women are targeted because they are the caregivers of their families and communities.