Website Reviews: Federal Student Aid

The Federal Student Aid website informs students about their higher education financial options, solicits FAFSA applications, and disburses financial aid to students.

Website Reviews: National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators' website provides financial aid information to potential college students, their families, and academic administrators.

E-Government Tool Reviews: FAFSA Video Tutorial

The FAFSA Video Tutorial provides potential college students a video tutorial on the seven necessary steps to completing the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA).This video is an overview on applying for federal student aid and the necessary documents students and parents will need to complete the application process.

Website Reviews: is a website created by FEMA to foster citizen and business preparedness in the event of a disaster, whether natural or otherwise. The website provides information regarding various types of disasters, as well as instructions for what to do when disaster strikes one’s community and how to prepare and maintain ‘kits’ of necessary supplies and/or documents.

Website Reviews: Weather Ready Nation

Weather Ready Nation is a portal for a number of different National Weather Service programs and outreach initiatives. It is aimed primarily at private citizens, and contains information relevant to U.S. citizens nationwide, with general preparedness information and specialized sections on types of severe weather commonly encountered in various parts of the United States.

Website Reviews: is a website created by the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (SFDEM) in an attempt to make the most of social media for effective emergency preparation and response. SF72’s main objective is to get San Franciscans to think about how their existing social networks could help them during and immediately following an emergency.

Website Reviews: LiveWell

LiveWell is a British government website – a component of the larger webpage of the National Health Service (NHS) - dedicated to providing information about health, fitness, and nutrition to residents of the United Kingdom.

Website Reviews: serves as a portal and repository of basic information for its users, who could really be anyone looking for information on wellness, to information on active lifestyles, physical fitness, and healthy eating. As the website for the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, though, it also functions as the home for information on that organization, including biographies of the council members and staff profiles.

Website Reviews: How the Ready to Learn Grant is Educating America Through PBS programming

A partnership initiative with the U.S. Congress and PBS Kids has built a substantial library of interactive education tools for children. This digital educational program offers guides and materials to augment the education of preschool age to 8 year old children. The easily navigable site provides tabs that are organized by subject area of education and the educational process.

Website Reviews: Education Superhighway

The objective of the Education Superhighway website is to make K-12 Internet access and connection a key policy issue of the Federal Communications Commission. The mission statement reads: “Education SuperHighway is a non-profit with the mission of ensuring that every K-12 school in America has reliable, high-capacity Internet access so they can take advantage of the promise of digital learning."