Website Reviews:

Digital Promise - Accelerating Innovation in Education is an independent, bipartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to focusing private sector digital technology innovation to transform public schools. Given scarce public education resources and seemingly limited opportunities to collaborate, Digital Promise stands poised as a facilitator of action. By using the site as a platform for their accomplishments -- displaying examples of innovation, and showcasing models that other schools and business people can follow -- Digital Promise shows their value to potential donors and collaborators. The question, though, is how well a site that showcases accomplishments actually encourages further participation.

Website Reviews: Federal Student Aid

The Federal Student Aid website informs students about their higher education financial options, solicits FAFSA applications, and disburses financial aid to students.

Website Reviews: National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators' website provides financial aid information to potential college students, their families, and academic administrators.

E-Government Tool Reviews: FAFSA Video Tutorial

The FAFSA Video Tutorial provides potential college students a video tutorial on the seven necessary steps to completing the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA).This video is an overview on applying for federal student aid and the necessary documents students and parents will need to complete the application process.