Website Reviews: Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

The Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) serves those who, according to their website, are “paid in whole or in part by the State of Ohio.” OPERS has three distinct target groups within its body of users. These include members, employers, and retirees. On the main page, these three groups can easily find prominently placed links that suit their needs.

Website Reviews: Social Security Administration

The Social Security site is primarily targeted at those individuals who are retiring soon. The section of the Social Security site that focuses on retirement planning has three sections: Looking for Information, Already Near Retirement Age, and Close to age 65. The Social Security site gave me a basic understanding of how Social Security benefits figure into retirement, but it did not give a lot of information about how to plan for retirement as a person at the beginning of his career.

Website Review: Employees' Retirement System of the State of Hawaii

The Employees’ Retirement System of the State of Hawaii is a well-organized and visually appealing website that houses all the pertinent information for state employees. The site breaks down into five major sections: “members,” “retirees,” “employers,” “investments,” and “resources.”

E-Government Tool Reviews: SSA's Retirement Estimator Calculator

The purpose of the Social Security Administration's Retirement Estimator Calculator is straightforward enough -- it is designed to provide the user with an estimate of their anticipated social security benefits based on their income, paid social security (which is relative to their income), and the age the user plans on retiring.

Policy & Legal Issues

Social Security laws, regulations, and rulings (collectively referred to as the Social Security Program Rules)

Social Security 101

Basic resources available from the SSA website