Providing E-Government Services

As you start thinking about developing e-government programming in your library, here are some tips for getting organized, managing the planning process, and putting on a successful event.

Getting Organized

To help you organize your thoughts about target audience, what community needs this program will address, and how to promote the event, check out the following marketing plan worksheets:

Promoting the Event

Taking care of event details:

    • Based upon your target audience, you may need to consider the following things:
      • Are there language barriers to overcome?
      • Do you want to have programming for children at the same time?
      •  Should event be held on a weekday or weekend? During the daytime or in the evening?
    • Set up a table with print materials that may be of interest to attendees - e.g., applicable forms, fact sheets, brochures, calendar of library events (highlighting pgramsthat may be of particular interest to patrons). 
    • If you are partnering with another organization to put on the program, ask if they have any promotional or informational materials that they would like to display.

Evaluating the success of the event:

    • Use a sign-up sheet to track attendance at immigration-related program
    • Ask attendees to fill out a brief survey about the program
      • Program Survey Template (adapted from a survey created by the Mid-Hudson Library System as part of the 2007-08 Build Your Base project funded by a LSTA grant)