Lib2Gov.org is an engagement platform for library and government agency collaboration around digital/e-government services that has been designed with four goals:

  1. To provide resources that help librarians think about how best to engage in e-government services in their libraries.
  2. To provide communication tools to build and deepen relationships between librarians and government agencies.
  3. To provide communication tools to facilitate the building of a community of practice among and between librarians to share best practice e-government engagement programs and services that meet community needs.
  4. To identify selected and key government agency information, resources and services to assist librarians in meeting patron e-government needs.

To help meet these goals, Lib2Gov.org highlights the successes of existing partnerships and offers practical guidance to librarians about how to identify, connect with, and work with potential partners - and offers guidance for libraries as they consider how best to implement e-government services. It is not intended for direct patron use.

Lib2gov.org begins with services, resources, and engagement around immigration, taxation, social security, and health care at the national level, and seeks to expand over time to other e-government services at the national, state, and local government levels. E-government, and the digitized government processes, services, resources represented often are a part of complex legal and administrative frameworks.  Accordingly, librarians should consult the authoritative and official websites of the U.S. Government and/or state and local government websites if they have questions.

At present, portions of this site point to selected primary source materials and sections of U.S. Government websites identified through a research-based needs assessment conducted with librarians as part of this project (see Methodology for more details). That assessment identified prevalent services and  resources that librarians most use when helping their patrons, which do not represent all local, state, and/or federal government services and resources that patrons may wish or need to access.

Lib2Gov.org grew out of LibEGov.org, a three year project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  At this time, Lib2Gov.org is maintained exclusively by the American Library Association and the Information Policy & Access Center at the University of Maryland.

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