Available from Government Agencies

Health Hotlines (developed by the National Library of Medicine)

  • Features: Search a directory of almost 9,000 organizations (including government agencies, information and referral centers, professional societies, support groups, and voluntary associations) with toll-free telephone numbers; subject areas included AIDS, cancer and other diseases and disorders, maternal and child health, aging, substance abuse, disabilities, and mental health
  •  Available for download from Apple iTunes

MyFamily (winner of Healthfinder.gov mobile app challenge)

  •  Features: Build a health plan based on the priorities of the Affordable Care Act; quickly identify health priorities for each family members; put together a monthly calendar; and, download health records to share with healthcare providers.
  • Available for download from Apple iTunes

HRSA Find a Health Center (developed by the Health Resources and Services Administration)

  • Features: Search for the nearest federally funded health center
  • Available for download from Apple iTunes and Google Play

CDC E-Cards (developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

  • Features: Share important health tips by sending popular e-cards and updates that coincide with important health events throughout the year, including American Heart Month and Flu Season
  • Available for download from Apples iTunes