Library Programs

E-Government Tool Reviews: Cultural Pass (Jefferson County, Colorado)

“Cultural Pass” manages a set of passes to area museums purchased by the Jefferson County Library Foundation. It is designed to facilitate the maximum use of these passes by library patrons and preclude their abuse with several internal limits. Its intended audience is library patrons interested in visiting area cultural facilities sans entrance fee.

Affordable Care Act Resources for Public Libraries

Resources to help library staff answer patron questions about the Affordable Care Act

Teen Technology Tutoring and Senior Services Blog Handout (Florida)

Tips for starting programs for teens and seniors, prepared by Pasco County Library Systems

Lawyers in Libraries - for Librarians (Florida)

For Librarians: this presentation was created in September 2013 for Florida Lawyers in Libraries program during Celebrate Pro Bono Week 2013.Goals of the presentation: -Increase awareness of free, online access to justice resources available to librarians -Help librarians access those resources to assist patrons with legal needs -Help librarians find legal assistance in the local community -Answer questions about unauthorized practice of law An added list of Legal Resources in Florida is included on the final sli

Lawyers in Libraries - for Patrons (Florida)

This presentation was created in September 2013 for the Florida Lawyers in Libraries program during Celebrate Pro Bono Week 2013. It covers: -Why access to justice is important to our community -What legal resources are available in Florida and the United States -How to find and choose a lawyer when you have a legal problem -Tips for representing yourself in court -Finding legal information and resources It was intended to be loaded onto public pcs after the presentation for informational purposes.

Materials for Library Programs

Web resources to help in developing classes on the naturalization process

Taxpayer Assistance Programs

Information about establishing programs to help taxpayers with filing and other issues (e.g., audits)

Social Security Information from NGOs and Libraries

Links to information developed by outside organizations about Social Security programs